The 2020 election is the most important election of our lifetime. Getting Donald Trump out of the White House is the key to protecting our freedoms, democracy, and very lives. 

We also have a chance to win elections in the states to flip chambers and pass laws that will safeguard the rights we hold dear, including access to abortion care. 

The NIRH Action Fund focuses on down-ballot races in the states because state legislatures have the power to impact every issue progressives care about, including abortion access. 

Election 2020: Focus on the States

Battleground States

We’re working to elect champions for reproductive freedom in some of the most contested races in Arizona and Pennsylvania, with the goal of flipping chambers in both states. 

Blue States

Even in states where the legislature and governor supports reproductive freedom, we need to protect our wins and making even more gains so these states can pass the strongest possible protections for reproductive health, including abortion care. 

Ballot Initiatives

Colorado is facing a ballot initiative, Prop. 115, to ban abortion later in pregnancy. This would deny needed abortion care to people across Colorado and all those who travel there for care, and it’s the latest step by the anti-abortion movement to ban abortion altogether. NIRH Action Fund has signed onto the #NoOn115 campaign.