NIRH Action Fund is doing what no other organization is doing in the states: ensuring that candidates and campaigns have the tools they need to runwin, and govern on a proactive reproductive rights, health, and justice platform. 

State elected officials have the power to improve access or to create barriers to abortion care. Elections provide voters with an opportunity to ensure that those who care about progressive issues, including abortion access, are in those seats of power. Voting not just at the top of the ticketbut all the way down the ballotis key to increasing access to reproductive health care, including abortion.  

NIRH Action Fund’s electoral program lays the groundwork to allow for policy change in every state in which we work. We aim to elect leaders who will create proactive, visionary policies that will help our communities thrive, and to reelect the ones who have made such change. NIRH Action Fund also engages in public education campaigns to raise awareness about the need to fight for a proactive vision of reproductive health care access 

NIRH Action Fund has a history of elevating messaging that leans into values of respect and support for people who have abortions, proving that strong support for abortion access is a winning issue.  By emphasizing these values and helping candidates and campaigns elevate their strong support for reproductive freedom, we will not only win key electoral contests, but reshape the role that support for abortion access plays in the political process.