National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund (NIRH AF) and National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund Political Action Committee (NIRH AF PAC) are proud to endorse candidates who support reproductive freedom.

NIRH Action Fund Congressional 2022 Endorsements


  1. Bridget Fleming for New York 1st District: Long Island 
  2. Robert Zimmerman  for New York 3rd District: Long Island
  3. Laura Gillen for New York 4th District: Long Island
  4. Pay Ryan for New York 18th District: Hudson Valley
  5. Josh Riley for New York 19th District: Hudson Valley

NIRH Action Fund PAC 2022 Endorsements


  1. Kathy Hochul for New York State Governor
  2. Antonio Delgado for New York State Lieutenant Governor
  3. Tish James for New York State Attorney General
  4. Tom DiNapoli for New York State Comptroller

New York State Senate: 

  1. Kevin Thomas for Senate District 6: Long Island 
  2. Anna Kaplan for Senate District 7: Long Island 
  3. Andrew Gounardes for Senate District 26: Brooklyn 
  4. Liz Krueger for Senate District 28: Manhattan 
  5. Nathalia Fernandez for Senate District 34: Bronx 
  6. Shelley Mayer for Senate District 37: Westchester 
  7. Elijah Reichlin-Melnick for Senate District 38: Westchester 
  8. Julie Shiroishi for Senate District 39: Hudson Valley  
  9. Peter Harckham for Senate District 40: Hudson Valley 
  10. Michelle Hinchey for Senate District 41: Hudson Valley 
  11. James Skoufis for Senate District 42: Hudson Valley 
  12. Michelle Ostrelich for Senate District 44: Capitol Region 
  13. Rachel May for Senate District 48: Southern Tier 
  14. John Mannion for Senate District 50: Central NY 
  15. Samra Brouk for Senate District 55: Western NY 
  16. Jeremy Cooney for Senate District 55: Western NY 

New York State Assembly: 

  1. Tony Simone for Assembly District 75: Manhattan 
  2. Karines Reyes for Assembly District 87: Bronx 
  3. Jonathan Jacobson for Assembly District 104: Hudson Valley 
  4. Jennifer Lunsford for Assembly District 135: Western NY  
  5. Harry Bronson for Assembly District 138: Western NY 
  6. Monica Wallace for Assembly District 143: Western NY