2018 Democratic Primary Voter Guide

VOTE Thursday, September 13

Each election cycle, the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund PAC works to identify and support pro-choice candidates.

We assess candidates and make endorsements based on incumbent voting records, candidate questionnaires, interviews, public statements, and information from community leaders. Endorsed candidates are listed in BOLD. Incumbents are marked with an *.


In NYC: Find your polling place and ballot information here.

Outside of NYC: Find your polling place and voter district here.

Office District Candidate Ranking
Governor N/A Andrew M. Cuomo* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
Governor N/A Cynthia Nixon Pro-Choice
Lieutenant Governor N/A Kathy Hochul* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
Lieutenant Governor N/A Jumaane Williams Pro-Choice
Attorney General N/A Letitia James Pro-Choice
Attorney General N/A Sean Patrick Maloney Pro-Choice
Attorney General N/A Zephyr Teachout Pro-Choice
Attorney General N/A Leecia Eve Pro-Choice
State Senate 6 Kevin Thomas Mixed Choice
State Senate 6 Andrew Grover Pro-Choice
State Senate 11 John Liu Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 11 Tony Avella* Pro-Choice
State Senate 13 Jessica Ramos Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 13 Jose Peralta* Pro-Choice
State Senate 17 Blake Morris Unknown
State Senate 17 Simcha Felder Anti-Choice
State Senate 18 Martin Malave Dilan* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 18 Julia Salazar Pro-Choice
State Senate 20 Zellnor Myrie Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 20 Jesse Hamilton* Pro-Choice
State Senate 22 Andrew Gournades Pro-Choice
State Senate 22 Ross Barkan Pro-Choice
State Senate 23 Jasmine Robinson Pro-Choice
State Senate 23 Diane Savino* Pro-Choice
State Senate 23 Brandon Stradford Unknown
State Senate 25 Velmanette Montgomery* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 25 Barbara Taylor Unknown
State Senate 30 Brian Benjamin* Pro-Choice
State Senate 30 LaShawn Henry Unknown
State Senate 31 Robert Jackson Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 31 Marisol Alcantara* Pro-Choice
State Senate 31 Thomas Leon Unknown
State Senate 31 Tirso Pina Unknown
State Senate 32 Luis Sepulveda* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 32 Pamela Stewart-Martinez Unknown
State Senate 34 Alessandra Biaggi Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 34 Jeff Klein* Pro-Choice
State Senate 35 Andrea Stewart-Cousins* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 35 Virginia Perez Unknown
State Senate 38 Julie Goldberg Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 38 David Carlucci* Pro-Choice
State Senate 40 Peter Harckham Pro-Choice
State Senate 40 Robert Kesten Pro-Choice
State Senate 42 Jen Metzger Pro-Choice
State Senate 42 Pramilla Malick Pro-Choice
State Senate 53 Rachel May Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 53 David J. Valesky* Pro-Choice
State Senate 58 Amanda Kirschgessner Pro-Choice
State Senate 58 Michael Lausell Unknown
State Senate 63 Timothy M. Kennedy* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Senate 63 Shaqurah Zachery Unknown
State Assembly 18 Earlene Hooper* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 18 Taylor Raynor Unknown
State Assembly 20 John Vobis Jr. Unknown
State Assembly 20 Juan Vides Unknown
State Assembly 30 Melissa Sklarz Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 30 Brian Barnwell* Anti-Choice
State Assembly 39 Aridia Espinal* Pro-Choice
State Assembly 39 Catalina Cruz Pro-Choice
State Assembly 39 Yonel Letellier Sosa Unknown
State Assembly 42 Rodneyse Bichotte* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 42 Victor Jordan Unknown
State Assembly 43 Diana Richardson* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 43 John Grant Unknown
State Assembly 46 Ethan Lustig-Elgrably Pro-Choice
State Assembly 46 Mathylde Frontus Unknown
State Assembly 53 Maritza Davila* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 53 Humberto Soto Unknown
State Assembly 61 Charles Fall Pro-Choice
State Assembly 61 Patricia Kane Unknown
State Assembly 61 Bobby Olisa Unknown
State Assembly 68 Robert J. Rodriguez* Pro-Choice
State Assembly 68 John Ruiz Unknown
State Assembly 69 Daniel J. O’Donnell* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 69 Ruben Vargas Unknown
State Assembly 71 Alfred Taylor Anti-Choice
State Assembly 71 Guillermo Perez Unknown
State Assembly 72 Carmen N. De La Rosa* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 72 Yomaris Smith Unknown
State Assembly 72 Sosa Jimenez Unknown
State Assembly 74 Harvey Epstein* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 74 Akshay Vaishampayan Unknown
State Assembly 84 Carmen E. Arroyo* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 84 Amanda Septimo Pro-Choice
State Assembly 85 Marcos A. Crespo* Anti-Choice
State Assembly 85 Elliot Quinones Unknown
State Assembly 87 Karines Reyes Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 87 John Perez Unknown
State Assembly 87 Farah Despeignes Unknown
State Assembly 90 Vincent Morrone Unknown
State Assembly 90 Anthony Nicodermo Unknown
State Assembly 90 Ive Reeves Unknown
State Assembly 90 Nader Sayegh Unknown
State Assembly 104 Joni McCredo Pro-Choice
State Assembly 104 Kevindaryan Lujan Unknown
State Assembly 104 Ralph Coates Unknown
State Assembly 104 Alexander Reed Kelly Unknown
State Assembly 104 Jonathan Jacobson Unknown
State Assembly 107 Tistrya Houghtling Pro-Choice
State Assembly 107 Donald Boyajian Unknown
State Assembly 119 Christopher Salatino* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 119 Marianne Buttenschon Unknown
State Assembly 121 William Magee* Pro-Choice
State Assembly 121 Dan Butermann Unknown
State Assembly 124 Bill Batrowny Pro-Choice
State Assembly 124 Randy Reid Unknown
State Assembly 136 Jamie Romeo Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 136 Todd Grady Unknown
State Assembly 136 Jaclyn Richard Unknown
State Assembly 137 David F. Gantt* Pro-Choice – Endorsed
State Assembly 137 Ann Lewis Unknown