Justice Kennedy’s retirement means the right to abortion access is now in extreme jeopardy. The stakes have never been higher, and we need you in this fight. Here are some things you can do to fight to make sure abortion remains accessible across the country:

Call your senators today at 202-224-3121 and demand they confirm a justice who will value women’s health and equality. Trump has vowed to stack the U.S. Supreme Court with anti-choice justices, and now he has the opportunity to do just that. Urge your senators to reject any nominee who will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Donate to the NIRH Action Fund to help us protect abortion access in the states. We can have tremendous influence in the states by writing strong protections for abortion access in state laws, ensuring that pro-choice legislators get elected to statehouses, and working with governors to sign bills that secure abortion access, and veto those that don’t.

Your vote in the 2018 local, state and national elections is the most important vote in a generation. Register to vote, make your voting plan, and bring your friends and family to the polls.

Stay updated about what’s at stake: Arm yourself with the facts so you can make the best case for how states can shore up their laws to protect access to abortion. 

We all need to be on heightened alert. Sign up for NIRH Action Fund alerts and news today.

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