New York passed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA)!

In the nearly 50 years since New York lawmakers legalized abortion in the state, never has the ability to access abortion faced such threat and uncertainty as it does right now. That’s why we’re so proud that Albany took the critical first step toward ensuring that abortion remains legal and accessible to all New Yorkers by passing the RHA on the 46th anniversary of Roe v. Wade!

With the RHA in place, medical providers are able to meet the needs of their patients without political interference. It accomplished three main things:

1. New York State now treats abortion as health care, not a criminal act. No other medical procedure is regulated as a crime, and abortion should be no different.
2. The RHA ensures that qualified health care providers can provide safe abortion care without fear of punishment.
3. Providers can now provide abortion throughout the course of a pregnancy if a woman’s health or life is in danger, or if a fetus is not viable.

Those who want to make abortion illegal have spread lies and misinformation about the RHA. See the FACTS about what the RHA really does, and get all your questions answered here.

New York is often called a progressive leader, but for decades their laws still regulated abortion as a crime, rather than a medical procedure, and maintained a Civil War-era prohibition on self-managed abortion that make women vulnerable to prosecution.

Now that the RHA has been signed into law, New York can help shine a light on the need for proactive measures that safeguard reproductive freedom by recognizing that abortion access is a fundamental component of every person’s health, bodily autonomy, privacy, and equality — and to encourage other states to pick up the mantle.

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