New York Endorsements 2020

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Each election cycle, the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund works to identify and support pro-choice candidates for Congress. The NIRH Action Fund PAC identifies and supports pro-choice candidates for city- and state-level positions in New York.

We assess candidates and make endorsements based on incumbent voting records, candidate questionnaires, interviews, public statements, and information from community leaders.

NIRH Action Fund & NIRH Action Fund was proud to endorse candidates for the 2020 New York primary election! Further endorsements will be made for the general election in November.


In NYC: Find your polling place and ballot information.

Outside of NYC: Find your polling place and voter district.

Dem: Democratic Party
Rep: Republican Party
Con: Conservative Party
WFP: Working Families Party
WEP: Women’s Equality Party
Ind: Independence Party
Ref: Reform Party

Endorsed candidates are listed in BOLD. Incumbents are marked with an *.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) Action Fund makes endorsements of Congressional candidates in New York:

District Candidate Party Ranking
CD 1 Nancy Goroff Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 1 Bridget Fleming Dem Pro-Choice
CD 1 Gregory John-Fischer Dem Unknown
CD 1 Perry Gershon Dem Pro-Choice
CD 2 Jacqueline Gordon Dem Unknown
CD 2 Pat Maher Dem Unknown
CD 3 Tom Suozzi* Dem Mixed-Choice
CD 3 Melanie D’Arrigo Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 3 Michael Weinstock Dem Unknown
CD 5 Gregory Meeks* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 5 Shaniyat Chowdhury Dem Unknown
CD 6 Grace Meng* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 6 Melquiades Gagarin Dem Pro-choice
CD 6 Sandra Choi Dem Unknown
CD 7 Nydia Velazquez* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 7 Paperboy Prince Dem Unknown
CD 9 Yvette Clarke* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 9 Adem Bunkeddeko Dem Pro-Choice
CD 9 Chaim Deutch Dem Anti-Choice
CD 9 Isiah James Dem Unknown
CD 9 Lutchi Gayot Dem Unknown
CD 10 Jerry Nadler* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 10 Jonathon Herzog Dem Unknown
CD 10 Lindsey Boylan Dem Pro-Choice
CD 12 Carolyn Maloney* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 12 Lauren Ashcraft Dem Pro-Choice
CD 12 Peter Harrison Dem Pro-Choice
CD 12 Suraj Patel Dem Unknown
CD 13 Adriano Espaillat* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 13 James Keith Dem Pro-Choice
CD 13 Ramon Rodriguez Dem Unknown
CD 14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 14 Badrun Khan Dem Pro-Choice
CD 14 Michelle Caruso-Cabera Dem Unknown
CD 14 Sam Sloan Dem Unknown
CD 15 Chivona Renée Newsome Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Frangell Basora Dem Unknown
CD 15 Julio Pabon Dem Unknown
CD 15 Mark Escoffery-Bey Dem Unknown
CD 15 Marlene Tapper Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Melissa Mark-Viverito Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Michael Blake Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Ritchie Torres Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Ruben Diaz Sr. Dem Anti-Choice
CD 15 Samelys Lopez Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Tomas Ramos Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Ydanis Rodriguez Dem Mixed-Choice
CD 16 Eliot Engel* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 16 Chris Frink Dem Unknown
CD 16 Jamaal Bowman Dem Unknown
CD 16 Sammy Ravelo Dem Unknown
CD 17 Adam Schleifer Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 Allison Fine Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 Asha Castleberry Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 David Buchwald Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 David Carlucci Dem Mixed-Choice
CD 17 Evelyn Farkas Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 Mondaire Jones Dem Pro-Choice
CD 24 Dana Balter Dem Unknown
CD 24 Francis Cole Dem Unknown
CD 25 Joseph Morelle* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 25 Robin Wilt Dem Unknown
CD 27 Nate McMurray Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) Action Fund PAC makes endorsements of city- and state-level candidates in New York:

District Candidate Party Ranking
AD 24 David Weprin* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 24 Albert Baldeo Dem Unknown
AD 24 Mahfuzul Islam Dem Unknown
AD 25 Nily Rozic* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 25 Kenneth Chiu Dem Unknown
AD 31 Khaleel Anderson Dem Pro-Choice
AD 31 Tavia Blakely Dem Unknown
AD 31 Richard David Dem Pro-Choice
AD 31 Derrick DeFlorimento Dem Unknown
AD 31 Lisa George Dem Unknown
AD 31 Chiedu Uzoigwe Dem Pro-Choice
AD 33 Oster Bryan Dem Unknown
AD 33 Clyde Vanel Dem Pro-Choice
AD 34 Michael DenDekker* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 34 Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 34 Joy Chowdhury Dem Unknown
AD 34 Angel Cruz Dem Unknown
AD 34 Nuala O’Doherty Naranjo Dem Unknown
AD 35 Jeffrion Aubry* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 35 Hiram Monserratte Dem Anti-Choice
AD 36 Aravella Simotas* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 36 Zohran Mamdani Dem Pro-Choice
AD 37 Cathy Nolan* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 37 Danielle Brecker Dem Pro-Choice
AD 38 Michael Miller* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 38 Joey De Jesus Dem Pro-Choice
AD 38 Jenifer Rajkumar Dem Unknown
AD 39 Catilina Cruz* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 39 Ramon Ramiriz Dem Unknown
AD 40 Ron Kim* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 40 Steven Lee Dem Unknown
AD 43 Diana Richardson* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 43 Jesse Hamilton Dem Mixed-Choice
AD 50 Joseph Lentol* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 50 Emily Gallagher Dem Pro-Choice
AD 51 Felix Ortiz* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 51 Genesis Aquino Dem Unknown
AD 51 Marcela Mitaynes Dem Unknown
AD 51 Katie Walsh Dem Unknown
AD 56 Stefani Zinerman Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 56 Justin Cohen Dem Pro-Choice
AD 57 Walter Mosley* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 57 Phara Souffrant Forrest Dem Pro-Choice
AD 65 Yuh-Line Niou* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 65 Grace Lee Dem Unknown
AD 68 Robert Rodriguez* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 68 Tamika Mapp Dem Unknown
AD 71 Guillermo Perez Dem Unknown
AD 71 Al Taylor Dem Anti-Choice
AD 73 Dan Quart* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 73 Cameron Koffman Dem Pro-Choice
AD 78 Jose Rivera* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 78 Francisco Spies Dem Unknown
AD 79 George Alvarez Dem Unknown
AD 79 Cynthia Cox Dem Unknown
AD 79 Chantel Jackson Dem Pro-Choice
AD 79 Dion Powell Dem Unknown
AD 79 Elvis Santana Dem Unknown
AD 79 Eric Stevenson Dem Unknown
AD 81 Jeffrey Dinowitz* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 81 George Diaz Dem Unknown
AD 82 Michael Benedetto* Dem Pro Choice
AD 82 Jonathan Soto Dem Pro-Choice
AD 84 Carmen Arroyo* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 84 Amanda Septimo Dem Unknown
AD 87 Garfield Holland Dem Unknown
AD 87 Karines Reyes* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 91 Steve Otis* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 91 Meg Cameron Dem Unknown
AD 92 Thomas Abinanti* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 92 Jennifer Williams Dem Unknown
AD 93 Kristen Browde Dem Pro-Choice
AD 93 Chris Burdick Dem Pro-Choice
AD 93 Jeremiah Frei-Pearson Dem Unknown
AD 93 Alex Roithmayr Dem Pro-Choice
AD 108 John McDonald, III* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 108 Sam Fein Dem Unknown
AD 125 Sujata Gibson Dem Unknown
AD 125 Beau Harbin Dem Pro-Choice
AD 125 Lisa Hoeschele Dem Pro-Choice
AD 125 Anna Kelles Dem Unknown
AD 125 Jason Leifer Dem Pro-Choice
AD 125 Matthew McIntyre Dem Pro-Choice
AD 125 Seph Murtagh Dem Pro-Choice
AD 136 Sarah Clark Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 136 Nelson Lopatin Dem Unknown
AD 136 Justin Wilcox Dem Unknown
AD 138 Harry Bronson* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 138 Alex Yudelsono Dem Pro-Choice
District Candidate Party Ranking
SD 1 Laura Ann Ahearn Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 1 Nora Higgins Dem Unknown
SD 1 Skylar Johnson Dem Pro-Choice
SD 1 Thomas John Schiavoni Dem Pro-Choice
SD 1 Valerie Cartright Dem Unknown
SD 4 Anthony Sarno Dem Unknown
SD 4 Christine Pellegrino Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 12 Michael Gianaris* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 12 Ignazio Terranova Dem Unknown
SD 13 Jessica Ramos* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 13 Diana Sanchez Dem Unknown
SD 18 Julia Salazar* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 18 Andy Marte Dem Unknown
SD 19 Roxanne Persaud * Dem Pro-Choice
SD 19 Keron Alleyne Dem Unknown
SD 23 Diane Savino* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 23 Rajiv Gowda Dem Pro-Choice
SD 25 Jabari Brisport Dem Pro-Choice
SD 25 Jason Salmon Dem Pro-Choice
SD 25 Tremaine Wright Dem Pro-Choice
SD 27 Brad Hoylman* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 27 Elizabeth Glass Dem Unknown
SD 29 Jose Serrano* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 29 Israel Martinez Dem Unknown
SD 31 Robert Jackson Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 31 Tirso Santiago Pina Dem Unknown
SD 32 Luis Sepulveda* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 32 John Perez Dem Unknown
SD 32 Pamela Stewart-Martinez Dem Unknown
SD 34 Alessandra Biaggi* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 34 James Gisondi Dem Unknown
SD 38 Elijah Reichlin-Melnick Dem Unknown
SD 38 Eudson Francois Dem Unknown
SD 38 Justin Sweet Dem Pro-Choice
SD 49 Thearse McCalmon Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 49 Donavan McRae Dem Unknown
SD 56 Jeremy Cooney Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 56 Hilda Rosario-Escher Dem Pro-Choice
SD 56 Sherita Traywick Dem Pro-Choice
SD 61 Jacqualine Berger Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 61 Joan Elizabeth Seamans Dem Unknown
SD 61 Kim Smith Dem Pro-Choice
Council District Candidate Party Ranking
CD 37 Sandy Nurse Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 37 Darma Diaz Dem Unknown
CD 37 Kimberly Council Dem Unknown
CD 37 Misba Abdin Dem Unknown

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