2020 Voter Guide

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Each election cycle, the National Institute for Reproductive Health Action Fund works to identify and support pro-choice candidates on the ballot in New York for federal office. The NIRH Action Fund PAC identifies and supports pro-choice candidates for city- and state-level positions in New York.

We assess candidates and make endorsements based on incumbent voting records, candidate questionnaires, interviews, public statements, and information from community leaders.


In NYC: Find your polling place and ballot information.

Outside of NYC: Find your polling place and voter district.

Dem: Democratic Party
Rep: Republican Party
Con: Conservative Party
WFP: Working Families Party
WEP: Women’s Equality Party
Ind: Independence Party
Ref: Reform Party

Endorsed candidates are listed in BOLD. Incumbents are marked with an *.

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) Action Fund makes endorsements of federal candidates on the ballot in New York:

Candidates Party Ranking
Joe Biden/Kamala Harris Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
Donald Trump/Mike Pence* Rep Anti-Choice
District Candidate Party Ranking
CD 1 Nancy Goroff Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 1 Lee Zeldin* Rep Anti-Choice
CD 2 Jacqueline Gordon Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 2 Andrew Gabarino Rep Anti-Choice
CD 3 Tom Suozzi* Dem Anti-Choice
CD 3 George Devolder-Santos Rep Unknown
CD 4 Kathleen Rice* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 4 Douglas Tuman Rep Unknown
CD 5 Gregory Meeks* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 6 Grace Meng* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 6 Thomas Zmich Rep Unknown
CD 7 Nydia Velazquez* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 7 Brian Kelly Rep Unknown
CD 8 Hakeem Jeffries* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 8 Garfield Wallace Rep Unknown
CD 9 Yvette Clarke* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 9 Constantin Jean-Pierre Rep Unknown
CD 10 Jerry Nadler* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 10 Cathy Bernstein Rep Unknown
CD 11 Max Rose* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 11 Nicole Malliotakis Rep Anti-Choice
CD 12 Carolyn Maloney* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 12 Carlos Santiago-Cano Rep Unknown
CD 13 Adriano Espaillat* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 13 Lovelynn Gwinn Rep Unknown
CD 14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 14 John Cummings Rep Unknown
CD 15 Richie Torres Dem Pro-Choice
CD 15 Patrick Delices Rep Unknown
CD 16 Jamaal Bowman Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 Mondaire Jones Dem Pro-Choice
CD 17 Maureen McArdle Schulman Rep Unknown
CD 18 Sean Maloney* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 18 Chele Farley Rep Anti-Choice
CD 19 Antonio Delgado* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 19 Kyle Van De Water Rep Unknown
CD 20 Paul Tonko* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 20 Elizabeth Joy Rep Unknown
CD 21 Tedra Cobb Dem Pro-Choice
CD 21 Elise Stefanik* Rep Anti-Choice
CD 22 Anthony Brindisi* Dem Pro-Choice
CD 22 Claudia Tenney Rep Anti-Choice
CD 23 Tracy Mitrano Dem Unknown
CD 23 Tom Reed* Rep Anti-Choice
CD 24 Dana Balter Dem Pro-Choice
CD 24 John Katko* Rep Anti-Choice
CD 25 Joseph Morelle* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 25 George Mitris Rep Unknown
CD 26 Brian Higgins* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 26 Ricky Donovan Rep Unknown
CD 27 Nate McMurray Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
CD 27 Chris Jacobs* Rep Anti-Choice

The National Institute for Reproductive Health (NIRH) Action Fund PAC makes endorsements of city- and state-level candidates in New York:

District Candidate Party Ranking
AD 1 Fred Thiel* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 1 Heather Collins Rep Unknown
AD 2 Laura Jens-Smith* Dem Unknown
AD 2 Jody Giglio Rep Unknown
AD 3 Steven Polgar Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 3 Joseph DeStafano* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 4 Steven Englebright* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 4 Michael Ross Rep Unknown
AD 5 Doug Smith* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 6 Philip Ramos* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 6 Ryan Skelly  Rep Unknown
AD 7 Francis Genco Dem Unknown
AD 7 Jarett Gandolfo Rep Unknown
AD 8 Dylan Rice Dem Unknown
AD 8 Michael Fitzpatrick* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 9 Ann Brancato Dem Unknown
AD 9 Michael Durso Rep Unknown
AD 10 Steve Stern* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 10 Jamie Silvestri Rep Unknown
AD 11 Kimberly Jean-Pierre* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 11 Eugene Murray Rep Unknown
AD 12 Michael Marcantonio Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 12 Keith Brown Rep Unknown
AD 13 Charles Lavine* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 13 Andrew Monteleone Rep Unknown
AD 14 Kevin Gorman Dem Unknown
AD 14 David McDonough* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 15 Joseph Sackman Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 15 Michael Montsanto* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 16 Gina Sillitti Dem Unknown
AD 16 Ragini Srvastava Rep Unknown
AD 17 Mark Engelman Dem Unknown
AD 17 John Mikulin* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 18 Taylor Darlingt* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 18 Cherice Vanderhall Rep Unknown
AD 19 Gary Port Dem Unknown
AD 19 Edward Ra Rep Anti-Choice
AD 20 Gregory Marks Dem Unknown
AD 20 Melissa Miller* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 21 Judy Griffin* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 21 Patricia Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick Rep Unknown
AD 22 Michaelle Solages* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 22 Nicholas Zacchea Dem Unknown
AD 23 Stacey Pheffer Amato* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 23 Peter Hatzipetros Rep Unknown
AD 24 David Weprin* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 25 Nily Rozic* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 26 Edward Braunstein* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 26 John-Alexander Sakelos Rep Unknown
AD 27 Daniel Rosenthal* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 28 Andrew Havesi* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 29 Alicia Hyndman* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 30 Brian Barnwall* Dem Anti-Choice
AD 31 Khaleel Anderson Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 31 Joseph Cullina Rep Unknown
AD 32 Vivian Cook* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 33 Clyde Vanel* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 34 Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 34 William Marquez Rep Unknown
AD 35 Jeffrion Aubry* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 35 William Marquez Rep Unknown
AD 36 Zohran Mamdani* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 37 Cathy Nolan* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 38 Jenifer Rajkumar Dem Unknown
AD 38 Giovanni Perna Rep Unknown
AD 39 Catilina Cruz* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 40 Ron Kim* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 41 Helene Weinstein* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 41 Ramona Johnson Rep Unknown
AD 42 Rodneyse Bichotte* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 43 Diana Richardson* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 43 Menachem Raitport Rep Unknown
AD 44 Robert Carroll* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 44 Salvatore Barrera Rep Unknown
AD 45 Steven Cymbrowitz* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 46 Mathylde Frontus* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 46 Mark Szuszkiewicz Rep Unknown
AD 47 William Colton* Dem Anti-Choice
AD 47 Barbara Marino Rep Unknown
AD 48 Simcha Eichenstein* Dem Anti-Choice
AD 49 Peter Abbate* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 50 Emily Gallagher Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 51 Marcela Mitaynes Dem Unknown
AD 52 Jo Ann Simon* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 53 Maritza Davila* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 54 Erik Dilan* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 54 Khorshed Chowdhury Rep Unknown
AD 55 Latrice Walker* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 55 Berneda Jackson Rep Unknown
AD 56 Stefani Zinerman Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 57 Phara Souffrant Forrest Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 58 N. Nick Perry* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 59 Jamie Williams* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 60 Charles Barron* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 61 Charles Fall* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 61 Paul Ciucina Rep Unknown
AD 62 Michael Reilly* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 63 Michael Cusick* Dem Anti-Choice
AD 63 Anthony DeGuerre Rep Unknown
AD 64 Brandon Patterson Dem Unknown
AD 64 Michael Tannousis Rep Unknown
AD 65 Yuh-Line Niou* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 66 Deborah Glick* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 66 Tamra Lashchyk Rep Unknown
AD 67 Linda Rosenthal* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 68 Robert Rodriguez*  Dem Pro-Choice
AD 68 Daby Carreras Rep Unknown
AD 69 Daniel O’Donnell* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 70 Inez Dickens* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 71 Alred Taylor Dem Anti-Choice
AD 72 Carmen De La Rosa* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 73 Dan Quart* Rep Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 73 Judith Graham Rep Unknown
AD 74 Harvey Epstein* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 75 Richard Gottfried* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 76 Louis Puliafito Rep Unknown
AD 77 Latoya Joyner* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 77 Tanya Carmichael Rep Unknown
AD 78 Jose Rivera* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 78 Michael Dister Rep Unknown
AD 79 Chantel Jackson* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 79 Donald Skinner Rep Unknown
AD 80 Nathalia Fernandez* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 80 Gene DeFrancis Rep Unknown
AD 81 Jeffrey Dinowitz* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 81 Nicole Torres Rep Unknown
AD 82 Michael Benedetto* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 82 John De Stefano Rep Unknown
AD 83 Carl Heastie* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 83 Brenton Richie Rep Unknown
AD 84 Amanda Septimo Dem Unknown
AD 84 Rosaine Nieves Rep Unknown
AD 85 Kenneth Burgos Dem Unknown
AD 85 Janelle King Rep Unknown
AD 86 Victor Pichardo* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 86 Lorraine Zeigler Rep Unknown
AD 87 Karines Reyes* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 87 Michelle Castillo Rep Unknown
AD 88 Amy Paulin* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 89 J. Gary Pretlow* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 90 Nader Sayegh* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 91 Steve Otis* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 92 Thomas Abinanti* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 93 Chris Burdick Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 93 John Nuculovic Rep Unknown
AD 94 Stephanie Keegan Dem Unknown
AD 94 Kevin Byrne* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 95 Sandra Galef* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 95 Lawrence Chiulli Rep Unknown
AD 96 Kenneth Zebrowski* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 97 Ellen Jaffee* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 97 Michael Lawler Rep Unknown
AD 98 Karl Brabenec* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 99 Sarita Bhandarkar Dem Unknown
AD 99 Colin Schmitt* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 100 Aileen Gunther* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 101 Chad McEvoy Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 101 Brian Miller* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 102 Mary Kraat Dem Unknown
AD 102 Christopher Tague* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 103 Kevin Cahill* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 103 Rex Bridges Rep Unknown
AD 104 Jonathan Jacobson* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 104 Andrew Gauzza Rep Unknown
AD 105 Laurette Giardino Dem Unknown
AD 105 Kieran Michael Lalor* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 106 Didi Barrett* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 106 Dean Michael Rep Unknown
AD 107 Brittany Vogel Dem Unknown
AD 107 Jacob Ashby* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 108 John McDonald, III* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 108 Petros Papanicolaou Rep Unknown
AD 109 Patricia Fahy* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 109 Robert Porter Rep Unknown
AD 110 Phil Steck* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 110 David Feiden Rep Unknown
AD 111 Angelo Santabarbara* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 111 Paul Delorenzo Rep Unknown
AD 112 Joe Seeman Dem Unknown
AD 112 Mary Beth Walsh* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 113 Carrie Woerner* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 113 David Catalfamo Rep Unknown
AD 114 Claudia Braymer Dem Unknown
AD 114 Matthew Simpson Rep Unknown
AD 115 D. Billy Jones* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 116 Alex Hammond Dem Unknown
AD 116 Mark Walczyk* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 117 Kenneth Blankenbush* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 118 Robert Smullen* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 119 Marianne Buttenschon* Dem Anti-Choice
AD 119 John Zielinski Rep Unknown
AD 120 Gail Tosh Dem Unknown
AD 120 William Barclay* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 121 Dan Butterman Dem Unknown
AD 121 John Salka* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 122 Richard Shaw Dem Unknown
AD 122 Joe Angelino Rep Unknown
AD 123 Donna Lupardo* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 124 Randy Reid Dem Unknown
AD 124 Christopher Friend* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 125 Anna Kelles Dem Unknown
AD 125 Matthew McIntyre Rep Unknown
AD 126 Dia Carabajal Dem Unknown
AD 126 John Lemondes Rep Unknown
AD 127 Al Stirpe* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 127 Mark Venesky Rep Unknown
AD 128 Pamela Hunter* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 128 Stephanie Jackson Rep Unknown
AD 129 William Magnarelli* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 129 Edward Weber Rep Unknown
AD 130 Scott Comegys Dem Unknown
AD 130 Brian Manketlow* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 131 Matthew Miller Dem Unknown
AD 131 Jeff Gallahan Rep Unknown
AD 132 Phillip Palmesano* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 133 ChaRon Sattler-Leblanc Dem Unknown
AD 133 Marjorie Byrnes* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 134 Carolyn Carroll Dem Unknown
AD 134 Josh Jensen Rep Unknown
AD 135 Jennifer Lunsford Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 135 Mark Johns* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 136 Sarah Clark Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 137 David Gantt* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 137 Demond Meeks Dem Unknown
AD 138 Harry Bronson* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 138 Peter Vasquez Rep Unknown
AD 139 Stephen Hawley* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 140 William Conrad Dem Unknown
AD 140 Robert Pecoraro Rep Unknown
AD 141 Crystal Peoples-Stokes* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 141 Sean Miles Rep Unknown
AD 142 Patrick Burke* Dem Pro-Choice
AD 142 Matthew Szalkowski Rep Unknown
AD 143 Monica Wallace* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 143 Frank Smierciak Rep Unknown
AD 144 Michael Norris* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 145 Angelo Morinello* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 146 Karen McMahon* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
AD 146 Robin Wolfgang Rep Unknown
AD 147 David DiPietro* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 148 W. Ross Scott Dem Unknown
AD 148 Joseph Giglio* Rep Anti-Choice
AD 149 Jonathan Rivera Dem Unknown
AD 149 Joseph Totaro Rep Unknown
AD 150 Christina Cardinale Dem Unknown
AD 150 Andrew Goodell* Rep Anti-Choice
District Candidate Party Ranking
SD 1 Laura Ann Ahearn Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 1 Anthony Palumbo Rep Unknown
SD 2 Michael Siderakis Dem Unknown
SD 2 Mario Mattera Rep Unknown
SD 3 Monica Martinez* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 3 Alexis Weik Rep Unknown
SD 4 Christine Pellegrino Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 4 Phil Boyle * Rep Anti-Choice
SD 5 James Gaughran* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 5 Edmund Smiyth Rep Unknown
SD 6 Kevin Thomas* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 6 Dennis Dunne Rep Unknown
SD 7 Anna Kaplan* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 7 David Franklin Rep Unknown
SD 8 John Brooks* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 9 Todd Kaminsky* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 9 Victoria Johnson Rep Unknown
SD 10 James Sanders* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 11 John Liu* Dem Pro-Choice 
SD 11 Elisa Nahoum Rep Unknown
SD 12 Michael Gianaris* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 13 Jessica Ramos* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 13 Diana Sanchez Dem Unknown
SD 14 Leroy Comrie* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 15 Joe Addabbo* Dem Mixed-Choice
SD 15 Thomas Sullivan Rep Unknown
SD 16 Toby Ann Stavisky* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 17 Simcha Felder* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 18 Julia Salazar* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 19 Roxanne Persaud* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 20 Zellnor Myrie* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 21 Kevin Parker* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 22 Andrew Gounardes* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 22 Vito Bruno Rep Unknown
SD 23 Diane Savino* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 24 Andrew Lanza* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 25 Jabari Brisport Dem Pro-Choice
SD 26 Brian Kavenaugh* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 26 Lester Chang Rep Unknown
SD 27 Brad Hoylman* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 28 Liz Krueger* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 28 Mike Zumbluskas Rep Unknown
SD 29 Jose Serrano* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 29 Jose Colon Rep Unknown
SD 30 Brian Benjamin* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 30 Oz Sultan Rep Unknown
SD 31 Robert Jackson* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 32 Luis Sepulveda* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 33 Gustavo Rivera* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 33 Dustin Martinez Rep Unknown
SD 34 Alessandra Biaggi* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 34 James Gisondi Rep Unknown
SD 35 Andrea Stewart-Cousins* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 36 Jamaal Bailey* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 37 Shelley Mayer* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 37 Liviu Saimovici Rep Unknown
SD 38 Elijah Reichlin-Melnick Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 38 William Webber Rep Unknown
SD 39 James Skoufis* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 39 Steve Brescia Rep Unknown
SD 40 Peter Harckham* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 40 Robert Astorino Rep Anti-Choice
SD 41 Karen Smythe Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 41 Susan Serino* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 42 Jen Metzger* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 42 Mike Martucci Rep Unknown
SD 43 Patrick Nelson Dem Unknown
SD 43 Daphne Jordan* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 44 Neil Breslin* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 44 David Yule Rep Unknown
SD 45 Kimberly Davis Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 45 Dan Stec Rep Anti-Choice
SD 46 Michelle Hinchey Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 46 Richard Amedure Rep Unknown
SD 47 Joseph Griffo Rep Anti-Choice
SD 48 Patricia Ritchie Rep Anti-Choice
SD 49 Thearse McCalmon Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 49 James Tedisco Rep Anti-Choice
SD 50 John Mannion Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 50 Angi Renna Rep Unknown
SD 51 Jim Barber* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 51 Peter Oberacker Rep Unknown
SD 52 Fred Akshar Rep Anti-Choice
SD 53 Rachel May* Dem Pro-Choice
SD 53 Sam Rodgers Rep Unknown
SD 54 Shauna O’Toole Dem Unknown
SD 54 Pamela Helming* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 55 Samra Brouk Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 55 Christopher Missick Rep Unknown
SD 56 Jeremy Cooney Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 56 Michael Barry Rep Unknown
SD 57 Frank Puglisi Dem Unknown
SD 57 George Borrello* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 58 Leslie Danks Burke Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 58 Thomas O’Mara* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 59 Jason Klimek Dem Unknown
SD 59 Patrick Gallivan* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 60 Sean Ryan Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 60 Joshua Mertzlufft Rep Unknown
SD 61 Jacqualine Berger Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed
SD 61 Edward Rath Rep Unknown
SD 62 Robert Ortt* Rep Anti-Choice
SD 63 Timothy Kennedy* Dem Pro-Choice – Endorsed

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